Playing through the holidays

Good tidings are coming as a concert and fundraiser approach this holiday season

Freedom’s band and chorus are celebrating the holiday season with a big bang by putting on a concert and a fundraiser for people in need. Under the guidance of Mr. Keith Kovalic, the band and chorus are preparing for their annual holiday concert. While this is going on, the band has also decided to give back this year with a Notes for Coats fundraiser.

“All of the coats are going to the less fortunate who don’t have winter jackets to keep [them] warm,” Drum Major Senior Brittany Bionda said.

The boxes are filling up with winter coats more and more each day and every Friday until Dec. 17, which is the day of the concert, band students will be around to collect the coats.There is no limit on the amount of coats that students are allowed to bring in and all donations would be greatly appreciated.

“This is a great way for the band to give back to people because every Friday during football season there are so many people appreciating the work we do and tell their friends about us [the Big Red Marching Band]. This is one of many small things we can do to give back to those who show us so much support,” Bionda said.

There is still time to help and support this cause and give back to the community. If there are any questions, band students can help out and there are posters with information about this fundraiser all around the school. This Notes for Coats fundraiser will end on Dec. 17.

The band and chorus have been preparing for the holiday concert event for months. The band is going to play “Let the Bells Ring!,” “A Jazzy Christmas,” “Cowboy Christmas,” “Hallelujah” and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

The chorus will start with Senior Lara Pavlick singing  “He is Born, the Holy Child” in French, with the choir singing  “Can You See the Light of Bethlehem?” right after Pavlick’s solo. Then they continue with  “Silver Bells,” “Silent Night” sung by Seniors Olivia Jansen and Pavlick and Junior Maddie Edder. They will also be singing “Bethlehem Procession,” “Text Me Merry Christmas” and “Festival of Carols”.

Jazz band also gets to join the band and chorus and will play the songs “Good King Wenceslas,” “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and “A Swingin’ Holiday.”

Other chorus soloists include Seniors Courtney Moran, Brandon Barnhart and Carly Park; Juniors Kameron Mayhue, Madeline Kiefer, Joey Pail, Paige Rizzi, Aaron James and Lexi Sabatini; Sophomores Ian Moran, Dante Colorito and Rebekah Shumsky; and Freshman Claudia Huggins. Mr. Deal will also make an appearance during the show.

There are no ticket purchases necessary to attend the concert, which will begin at 7 p.m. on Thurs. Dec. 17 and will alternate between band and chorus performances throughout the night.