Psychic needed?

Hannah Walden

Seniors, the time has come to decide on the future! Step right up, pay the fee and look into the near future! Will the future be full of college or trade school courses, or will it be filled with hard work to succeed? Or maybe a lifelong career in the military? Here is the time to dream for the future and take the steps needed to make that dream a reality.
This is the typical “coming of age” story: The average high school senior thinking towards the future. With so many different possible directions, it can be hard to narrow it down. For some students, it’s a no brainer; the choice is easy. However, for many other students, this process could take months or possibly years to make a final decision.
If the choice is college or trade school, start looking at the types of schools that are interesting and meet specific needs. Whether this school is in-state or out, overall happiness and success is the ultimate goal. The price of the school is another important factor, and can be a huge make-or-break during decision making. Everyone’s needs for furthering education are different, but in the end, the same topics have to be discussed: intended major, price, distance from home and possible need of a dorm room. Going to a college or a trade school is a huge step in a young adult’s life; many adults recommend furthering one’s education after high school in order to make it in the competitive workforce.
College isn’t as cut and dry as some people believe. College is a life changing experience, challenging and changing the way young adults think, their opinions and the way they perceive the world around them.
“Yes, it does change you, because you are exposed to various different ways of thinking and living throughout the time you are there. No two people think the same, and it can really change you as a person,” Dr. Brian Wargo said.
However, college and trade school isn’t for everyone; some people just want to graduate high school and start working. Sometimes this can be a very good decision, especially if you went to Vo-Tech during high school, for many of the classes available at Vo-Tech teach students how to be successful in a large assortment of fields. For many seniors, this is a great cost-effective alternative plan to going to college. From bricklaying to cosmetology, students can learn a vast range of skills that will prepare them for lifelong careers a the working world.
“College isn’t for everyone, it’s always good to have a backup plan in order to succeed. Which your licence getting renewed every year this fits well for me and plenty of others,” Senior Haleigh Petersen said.
Another choice is joining the military and protecting your country in one way or another. This option works well for some students because not only do they get to feel pride in serving for their country, but that they would be able to further their education for free or at a reduced cost as a reward from the government for their service at such a young age. Also, students that become soldiers also have the ability to travel and to be stationed at certain bases across the country or even abroad.
“I decided to go into the military for a number of reasons. I am going to be able to receive a free education, I am guaranteed a job, I’ll be learning skills that will help me both in and out of the military, I will be able to serve my country and if I decide to get out I will be able to get a job just about anywhere I want,” Senior Louis Dubovi said.
As the school year continues to wind down, the time to make final decisions comes closer and closer. With so many options that will have a heavy influence on the future, it is no wonder that it takes such a long time in making the final decision. No matter what is chosen, or how long it takes, do everything possible to make that dream into a reality.