Quill and Scroll Induction Ceremony


Mason Hedge

Lighting the candle of judgement, senior Claudia Huggins one of the six returning members starts off the induction ceremony.

Madison Lewis, Sports Editor

A society where people from the print and broadcast media empires come together to express their love and appreciation for journalism. Quill and Scroll is an international honors society for high school journalists, established in 1926. Held on Feb. 28 at Freedom Area High School auditorium, it was the second annual induction ceremony for Freedom’s Quill and Scroll chapter. 16 new members were inducted into Quill and Scroll, along with six returning members.

The new inductees were seniors Aleisha Barrett, Marydeth Feits and Steven Leasure, and juniors Casey Collins, Natalie Dubovi, Jalynn Falk, Matthew Levenson, Leah McNear, JoAnn Sharpless, Cade Skuse, Cole Skuse, Madison Snavely, Hallie Spielman, Baylee Stewart, Ella Walden and Hailey Zeidler. The returners included seniors Jenna Engel, Taylor Greene, Claudia Huggins, Melissa Keith, Myla Sharpless and Trisha Speicher.

“Quill and Scroll has really helped me appreciate journalism and helped me realize that the work I produce can lead to great accomplishments” Snavely said.

The inductees and returners are beyond honored to be a part of the journalism honors society, for they had to meet all of the standards and requirements to get in. The requirements include being in the top 25 percent of their graduating class, a 3.5 GPA, be enrolled in a journalism course for two years — unless they were a senior, in which they only needed one — and having your application being approved by the acceptance committee.

“The journalism courses have really impacted me, by helping me improving my writing, technology, and social skills. They have also helped me become more aware about what is going on in the community,” Snavely said.

During the induction ceremony, speeches were given by advisers Aaron Fitzpatrick and Sara Miller, along with guest speaker Dave Hartman. Hartman’s speech left the crowd laughing and cheering.

After the speeches, the returners and advisers lit the candles that sat before the crowd. The lighting started with Fitzpatrick lighting the candle of truth, Miller then lit the candle of learning, Myla Sharpless lit the candle of leadership, followed by Speicher with the candle of loyalty, Engel with the candle of initiative, Keith with the candle of integrity, Huggins with the candle of judgment and Greene with the final candle of friendship.

“Ever since I was inducted into Quill and Scroll I have invested more time into my own work that is published. The journalism courses have really taught me how to stay organized and on top of everything, I would recommend them to just about everyone,” Speicher said.

After each candle was lit, the inductees were introduced and called down the stage individually as their accomplishments were being acknowledged. They received their pins and certificates to show that all their hard work in the field of journalism is anything but unnoticed or overlooked.