Seniors take victory in 2021 Powder-puff


Madison Sanders/FHS Press

The senior team poses for a team photo with their trophy after winning the championship game on Nov. 22.

Co-chairs of the newly formed Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Ms. Carrie Tuszynski and Ms. Alyssa Young took over the Powder-puff flag football game tradition for the school. With COVID-19 closing the school down last school year, the school was not able to hold the tournament. The original date of the tournament was set to be Nov. 10, but to show the school’s support for the girl’s varsity soccer team, it was rescheduled until Nov. 22. 

This year’s tournament consisted of three different games that all four grades participated in. Girls participated on the teams while members of the varsity football team helped coach. There were two halves in each game, each half being 25 minutes long. The first game consisted of the freshmen and senior class. The second game hosted the sophomore and junior class. Finally, the championship game was the seniors and the juniors going up against each other. 

The senior vs. freshmen game was a very dominated game by the seniors. The senior team was led by Renae Mohrbacher scoring most of their touchdowns in their first game. Riley Tokar helped hold the freshmen team’s heads up by scoring their only touchdown of the game. 

“It was really cool being able to score the only touchdown in front of everyone that was there,” freshman Tokar said. 

The seniors had a victory of 26-7, which put them in the first spot in the Powder-puff championship game. 

Following the freshmen loss, the next game to take place was the sophomores and the juniors. The game was really close for most of the playing time. The sophomores’ only touchdown was scored by Shaye Bailey. After the score by the sophomores, the juniors stepped up their game and got two touchdowns scored by Leyasa Young and Julia Mohrbacher. Both of those touchdowns sent the juniors to the championship game after a score of 13-7 against the sophomores. 

I thought the game went well. Everyone underestimated the juniors and I think that we went out and played our best. Because we worked as a team, we got the win,” junior Grace Lane said. 

Then, it was time for the game of the night. The Powder-puff championship game was a competition between the junior and senior teams. With there being such a close age range between the girls on the field, it was the closest game of the night. The defense of both teams were so strong that there were no points in the entire first half of the game. After having team meetings over halftime, both teams’ offenses stepped it up. Even though offense got better, defense was still the golden token for both teams in this game. Finally, after going through most of the second half, senior Grace White had finally taken matters into her own hands in the last two minutes of the game, and scored for her team. After this touchdown, the juniors were not able to build their score to meet the seniors, resulting in the seniors’ 6-0 victory. 

It was a really great time and an awesome experience. It was cool to get to win for senior year and I think that the entire night went really well,” senior Renae Mohrbacher said. 

Powder-puff is always a big fundraiser and a great time for students of the high school. Many students hope that the tradition is kept for years to come.