Serving up small portions

Serving sizes on foods are much smaller than believed


Baylee Stewart

The serving size for Oreo Double Stuf cookies is only two cookies per serving.

Baylee Stewart, Co-Editor-in-Chief (Print)/Photo/Design Editor

To start off your morning routine, you wake up after a long night’s rest and go make yourself some breakfast. After finally deciding what you would like for breakfast, you pour yourself a nice big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You sit at the table and read the box while you eat and come across the nutrition label. Quickly, you realize that nice big bowl you just poured yourself, is far over the regular serving size amount of one cup.

In today’s world, everything is so fast-paced that people simply don’t have the time to read the small print. People tend to blow past the portion size that they’re supposed to eat in one serving. The way many people eat is to keep eating until they are full. Nobody realizes how little some of these serving size amounts really are.

To start off, Kraft Mac & Cheese is something almost everyone eats on a regular basis, and when people do eat it they eat either the whole box or most of it. However, the whole box is not the recommended serving size. The recommended serving size is one cup, which is about one-third of the box. This serving size would never satisfy the hunger of a teenager or adult.

Many people snack on Oreo cookies. A person can never just have one or a couple, they have quite a few, especially when eaten with milk. They will have one, then they will want another, and so on until they have to stop themselves. What they don’t realize is that they should be stopping at cookie number three. How can one stop at only three Oreo cookies?

When one goes to a party, an event or even in their house, there’s almost always a bag of Doritos. Doritos are everywhere, and it’s especially easy to eat a large amount of them. Little do people know, the serving size for Nacho Cheese Doritos is only 11 chips. Most types of chips have this small serving size, but people often don’t pay attention to it.

So why doesn’t anyone pay attention to these labels? When a person is hungry they don’t stop to look at how much should be eaten. They pay attention to their stomach and how much it wants. People eat to satisfy themselves, not to satisfy the serving size. It’s easy to get taken away by hunger or even by taste.

Taste is a big factor as to why people don’t pay attention to these serving sizes because when something tastes good, you want more. Certain foods are designed to be addicting and it can be difficult to get out of eating a certain food sometimes. Every now and again one gets sidetracked and doesn’t pay attention to how much they have eaten.

Next time you make yourself a meal at home, check the nutrition label for the serving size and make sure to stop eating at a certain point. You may soon realize that the serving size is far under what you are making and eating.