Setting it up

Volleyball team returns after difficult season


Christopher Denkovich/FHS Press

On Sept. 9, at a game against Shenango, senior Emily Frashure sets the ball into the air for the closest person to spike it over the net.

On Aug. 24, the girls volleyball team started the season with a loss against Eden Christian. Then on Tuesday, Sept. 7, the team won their first section game away, 3-2 against Mohawk.

Senior Sara Mengel helped win their game with 16 kills, along with the rest of the team also playing an important role that led to this successful game. 

On Thursday, Sept. 16, the volleyball team was supposed to play Ellwood City. This game got rescheduled to Wednesday, Sept. 15. Sadly, the girls lost but they held a good fight against the Wolverines.

Senior Alexis Rinere was out her sophomore season due to a back injury, and then Rinere was unable to play in her junior season due to a knee injury. 

“I’m always so grateful to be healthy and playing that it’s always worth it,” Rinere said. Rinere hopes to have a successful season and continue to win games. 

Last year, due to COVID-19, it was uncertain whether the season was going to be cut short or not. This year there is more hope for a full season. Although players must wear masks while on the bench, this won’t stop them from a successful season. When the players are on the court, they have the option to take them off to play. Last year there were no more than 25 people allowed in the gymnasium at all times during the games. This year, there is no spectator limit as of now. However, coaches, spectators and referees are required to wear a mask the entire time while in the building. 

Senior and captain Emily Frashure has played volleyball since she was in seventh grade. She has played on a club volleyball team, Zero Tolerance, for four years. Frashure is very determined for this year and believes the team has what it takes to continue to win games. 

“We have a really close bond on and off the court,” Frashure said. 

Sophomore Jenna Haskey is new on varsity this year. She has played volleyball since seventh grade and also plays club volleyball. Haskey is very motivated to work hard and succeed in volleyball. 

“The varsity coaches are very encouraging and they always push everyone to do the best that they can,” Haskey said. 

This year the volleyball team is led by coach George Bellinger, and assistant coaches Jazmine Bell and Rob Basile. So far, the volleyball team has won one section game. Hopefully, the future games have a more successful outlook. This year, these girls are very determined to win and they will do whatever it takes to get there. The varsity team has at least two tournaments this season, along with many other games. The goal for the girls is to play a good season, without as many obstacles in their way as there were last year.