Sincere social media

Focusing on the positives of social media

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Sincere social media

Madison Snavely, Asst. Features Editor

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Nowadays, the world is filled with a plethora of negativity. From published headlines ranging from natural disasters to villainous acts, to TV reports on missing children to robberies, negativity is presented everywhere. Whatever the case may be, negative influences spread rapidly, especially on social media. Looking upon that, social media is always talked about as negative, having people addicted to every second of it. However, there are actually many positives to social media that some might not see, including spreading awareness.

Besides the vast ways society portrays social media, including its addictive ways and promoting hate, social media, in fact, carries various positive points.

“I feel negativity fills the internet rather than positivity. I feel there are a lot of positive things occuring on social media, although there will always be the negatives,” freshman Sara Mengel said.

One of the bigger talks on social media currently is an account called “@world_record_egg.” After debuting a picture of an egg in attempts of holding the world record of the “most liked” picture on Instagram, which was previously held by Kylie Jenner, the egg now has over 50 million likes. Two weeks later, the account posted a picture of the egg beginning to crack, and more pictures of the egg further cracking, leading up to the Super Bowl. After the Super Bowl, the account posted a video of the egg cracking due to “the pressures of social media,” introducing a website called, which includes various mental health links allowing struggling people the opportunity to receive help.

Social media can positively spread awareness on mental health concerns and diseases. This awareness can help people get involved and make a difference.

“Social media can be used to express yourself. It can be used to show who you are and what you can do to the world. It can also be used to spread awareness for any type of disease,” Junior Edward Dwyer said.

Social media can also can keep people informed on positive news, including sports, accomplishments and updates. For example, most schools use technology for assignments and communication. Being able to receive updates whenever a grade is entered, reminders when an assignment is due or even college acceptance emails are all positives.

“Social media has helped me in school when I see my friend post about a certain homework assignment or project; then I remember that I need to [complete the assignment as well],” Mengel said.

Not to mention, social media keeps people in touch overall. Being able to communicate with friends and family, no matter if they are five feet apart or miles, has made a huge impact in the lives of many. Social media keeps people in touch with their close ones, and keeps the bonds connected and growing.

“I do like social media. It helps me interact with my friends and see what they are up to,” Dwyer said. “For example, my friend Xander moved from Pennsylvania to Louisiana. Social media has helped me keep up with [his] soccer team or how his family is doing.”

Excluding all of the negatives surrounding social media, the positives will always be present and bold. Whether it’s through awareness, communication or other beneficial impacts, social media will always hold a positive presence on social media platforms despite the many instances of negative news.