Slam dunk on the season

The girls basketball team finishes the season strong

Leah McNear, Staff Writer

This year’s season has had its ups and downs. The girls suffered 17 losses and three wins.

Their game against Laurel on Jan. 18 was a close match with a score of 35-41 that resulted in a loss. Similarly, they had another close game against Neshannock on Feb. 6 with a loss of 50-61. In a match against Riverside on Feb. 9, they lost with a score of 41-43.

They ended the season Feb. 12 with a game against Rochester, losing with a score of 33-35.

In the beginning of the season, the girls were trying to focus on positivity and pushing themselves to the next level. Some of the goals they set out to accomplish seemed to be met. Including, their victory against Aliquippa on Dec. 30. The team had many other schools to play against, each with their own strengths.

“I’d say we focused a lot on improvisation and not relying on plays as much as last year,” sophomore Ella Walden said.

This season brings a close to her second year on the high school team.

Senior night was Feb. 6, an evening to celebrate and honor the senior players on the team.

The team has three seniors that will be graduating this year. Seniors Alexis Ball, Taylor Petroff and Tori Mitchell will be moving on to the next chapters of their lives. Experienced players leaving the team could have negative effects on how the girls perform.

“We won’t have as many taller girls, so that’s less of a forward,” Captain Tori Mitchell said.

This could spell trouble for the Lady Bulldogs.

With this departure there is bound to be fresh faces joining next season. Mitchell had some parting words for the new additions to the team.

“Playing time is earned, always give 100%, and don’t bring drama with you,” Mitchell said.

The new players will be welcomed into this family-like team that tries their best.

There was only one freshman on the team this year. Karissa Mercier was a starter for the team this season. She said it was a fun experience and a good year for her.

“For next year, I want to work harder and focus more,” Mercier said.

She’s been striving to prove herself a valuable asset with her fierce defense.

“My highlight this season was having so many close games against other teams,” Mercier said.

The Lady Bulldogs had their trials throughout this season, it pushed the limits of the team to a new point.

“We need more communication on the court and to work as a team,” Mitchell said. Next season she hopes to see her team rise to victory even if she’s no longer captain.

The team has their downfalls, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun. With support from their coach, improvements will continue to be made in preparation for next year.