Snowbody likes snow

Snow causes many problems for people


Marissa Lammie

A major snow storm hit Beaver County on Dec. 16, resulting in several inches of snow.

The first snow of 2020 occurred on Dec. 1. Beaver County received about three to five inches of snow and the roads were slick enough to make some cars slide. A lot of people say they do not like snow because it is cold and in a lot of ways, snow can be dangerous to many. For adults, driving can be a pain due to slick roads. Children can go out and play in the snow, but if it gets too cold or if there is too much snow, it is not as fun as someone would think. Frostbite sneaks up on some people and it does not feel good at all. Snow is already cold, but mixed with the wind, it feels a lot colder than usual. When the temperature goes down too far, there is both a good and bad. 

Snow can be good for students because schools can cancel classes and have a snow day, but it can also be bad because they may have to stay inside all day. People who drive need to be careful, because around this time of the year is when most car crashes happen because roads get really messy and icy. However, there is a solution, and it is called salt. Even though salt may melt the ice, cars can still slide on the slush that is on the road. 

Aside from all of that, snow is a beautiful thing to see. It is like a fluffy blanket that you just want to lay in, except it cools you down instead of heating you up. Plenty of people who like the cold snow make good use out of it too. They participate in activities like skiing, snowboarding, building igloos or snowmen, making art out of it and the best part is the snowball fights. 

Through all of those, you can only enjoy these activities for a limited amount of time because no one can stay in the cold forever. That is why some people might like summer more than winter, because they can partake in more activities for a longer period of time. Snow gets too cold for doing everyday activities, and may make people cancel plans, which makes them not like the snow. Snow is great and all, but most of the time, it ruins the day for many people. Most people say even before the snow comes that they are ready for summer because they know the consequences of the snow. Snowbody likes snow, and in Beaver County, snow can get a little out of hand.