Softball team finds strength in senior leadership


Sophomore Olivia Shaffer singles during the Bulldogs' home game on March 19 against Avella.

Baylee Stewart, Managing Editor (Print)

Seven innings, 42 outs in the entire game, three strikes per inning, two teams on the field, one goal in mind. The teams enter the field awaiting the outcome. Both want to win, but only one will. The crack of the ball hitting the bat fills the air and the batter breaks out into a run. The ball sails over the fence and it’s a homerun. The batter rounds third base and heads toward home plate looking to add a point to their score.

The new season for the softball team brings ongoing goals from last year and some new goals. During the past two seasons, Freedom’s softball team has made it into the first round of playoffs. Unfortunately, they were unable to advance. This year, they hope to continue to progress further into playoffs.

“Some of our team goals are to make it to playoffs and work hard to get further than last season,” freshman Audrey Lawrence said.

Along with their team goal, players also have individual goals in mind.

“My goals for the season is to just get better and support my team in whatever way they need me,” senior Kassandra DePoppe said.

Most of the players have the goal of overall becoming a better player for their team.

“My personal goals for this year are to improve on fielding and batting and work to become a better player overall,” Lawrence said.

Last year’s seniors Alexis Halvin, Taelor Brown and Hailee Ujhazy have left open positions for the newcomers to fill. This season’s new players consist of Lawrence, sophomores Brooke Matoic, Jordyn Simoni and junior Jordan Smith. These new players will fill the cleats of the former teammates’ roles.

The team’s first game took place on March 13 against Carlynton. The final score of this game was 11-2, leaving the Bulldogs with their first victory of the season. A total of 13 hits for the Bulldogs and six for Carlynton which led the Bulldogs to stay ahead in the game.

Senior Madison Slowinski and sophomore Tara Spiecher both pitched during the game, Tara Spiecher pitched four innings and Slowinski pitched three. Within the three innings that Slowinski pitched she acquired six strikeouts and Spiecher pitched five strikeouts.

During this game, senior Trisha Spiecher also hit four RBIs for the team. Slowinski and Spiecher also led the team in the number of hits. Each player got three hits during the game. They were closely followed by junior Shyann Komara with two hits during the game.

On Tuesday, March 19, the Bulldogs competed against Avella. They defeated them with a score of 17-2. This would be the first home game of the season for the team, which also means that it was the first game that the Lady Bulldogs had a scoreboard present on the field.

The first inning consisted of 11 points for the softball team and none for Avella. For the next two innings Freedom scored three points for both. Trisha Spiecher led the team with the most hits at three. Komara and sophomore Haley Sheck followed Spiecher with two hits each.

So far the team is looking forward to a positive season as they hope to improve and make it to playoffs. Along with advancing farther than last year in playoffs.