Softball team finishes off season strong


Madison Sanders/FHS Press

Junior Leyasa Young steps out and pitches the ball during a game against Mohawk on April 4.

Mikalah Smith, Asst. Sports Editor

As the end of the school year is right around the corner, the softball team wrapped up their season too. The team consisted of 13 girls and a new head coach, Ray Pranskey and assistant coach Ron May. Moving on to next year, the team will lose one senior, Victoria Boyce. The girls pushed through all the struggles they faced. This year, the captain spots were handed out to sophomore Shaye Bailey and juniors Leyasa Young and Kiersten Ferrell. They led the team through a successful season.

Coming into May with a losing record of 1-6, the girls still pushed through their last games. On April 26 the Bulldogs took on a doubleheader against the Shenango Wildcats and the Laurel Spartans. The girls worked hard and came together in order to win by a score of 10-6 against the Wildcats. After winning, the girls went into the second game confident, though they fell short. They took on the Laurel Spartans but ultimately lost by a score of 1-19. The girls got back to practice in order to be ready for their second to final game of the season. The team got back together to practice for their next game which took place on May 2.

The team hosted Riverside in hopes for a win to bring up their record. The team fell short again, losing by a score of 1-12. Although the end of the season was right around the corner, the Bulldogs kept pushing through in hopes for one more win. 

For the last game of the season, the team took on their rival team the New Brighton Lions. They had previously beaten them in the season by a score of 11-9. The Lions over went the Bulldogs this time, causing them to lose bya score of 6-9. 

“I felt that as this season went along, we had a lot of improvement and I feel that everyone will just keep improving. I look forward to playing with these girls again next year and coming together more as a team,” Bailey said. 

As the team struggled with getting players this year, next year they hope to gain more. Although they started with just barely enough players, other girls decided to join. They created bonds fast and hope to continue next year and get even closer. As so many games were rescheduled or canceled, the team still pushed through and never let each other down. Through all the losses and wins, the team was happy with how their season ended. The team finished off with a record of 2-11. 

“It was a love hate season, I loved playing with the girls but hated how many games were canceled. Next year I’m looking forward to more wins and a better section,” sophomore Emilee Waggoner said. 

Overall the team is looking forward to a better and more successful season next year.