Spooky season has something for everyone


Pumpkins are a big part of spooky season since people use them as decorations and like to carve them as well.

Smells of pumpkin spice and apple cider fill the air as the autumn breeze allows for colorful leaves to fall gently to the ground. Those looking for thrills enjoy haunted houses and scary movies. Others yearning for tranquillity turn to apple picking, pumpkin patches and warm, comforting smells and drinks. Who says Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when fall is clearly superior? Spooky season is far from “overrated,” in fact, it is quite the opposite.


Beneficial for health 

According to Ochsner Health, watching scary movies and visiting haunted houses can actually increase heart health. Whether the situation is real or fake, when the fight or flight response kicks in, adrenaline increases, which then increases adrenergic receptors in your heart tissue that result in an increased heart rate. When your heart rate increases and decreases, muscles within the heart build strength. Not only are these classic spooky season activities enjoyable and thrilling for many, but they can also benefit your health in many ways.


Applauds creativity 

Autumn traditions and festivities encourage creativity. From decorating pumpkins to creating Halloween costumes, spooky season is a time to get imaginative. Most people’s hectic lives don’t allow their creative sides to be indulged, but these popular holiday traditions allow for people to once again think outside the box. 


Allows one to become whomever they desire

On Halloween, a popular tradition is to dress up in costumes. This well-known tradition stems from All Saints Day where people would dress up as saints. Now, of course, people dress up in a multitude of different costumes. Many people have fun dressing as their favorite characters, animals or even foods. Others may choose to dress as something that doesn’t resemble themselves at all or even is the opposite of their personality. Dressing up is one way for people to escape from themselves or express themselves. Everyone is free to be whoever they want to be, free from judgement, for one night out of the whole year.


Face fears and strive towards change 

Such a drastic change seasonally can also influence change within oneself. Change is a scary thing, but that’s what spooky season is all about— facing that fear. In fact, during spooky season people literally face fears. If someone has a fear of clowns they are simply handed the opportunity to confront their painted faces. Although personal change cannot be faced with admission to a haunted house, it can be faced through taking that brave leap into the unknown.


Fun and merriment

Lastly, the spooky season is a time to have fun and enjoy life with friends and family. Autumn traditions bring people together and there are plenty of activities for all ages to enjoy. Children enjoy collecting candy while dressed in costumes that make them feel unique. Teens enjoy spending time with one another at corn mazes and pumpkin patches. Adults often enjoy becoming children once again and dressing up for Halloween parties. 


The fall season is a great time of year for people because it has something for everyone to enjoy.