Sports Shorts



With the new season rolling around, the softball team seeks to make some changes. After a hard-fought year in the 2022 season, the team has decided to appoint new coaches to lead the team on its path to victory this year. On Feb. 9, 2023, the school board approved the resignation of Ray Pransky, the softball coach from last season. With this, the board also approved the induction of the new head coach for this year. The Freedom Softball Team will be coached by Mr. Ron May for the 2023 season.




Mr. John Rosa has been the athletic director here for many years. Rosa has ultimately decided to leave his position and retire after the current school year is over. With a spot being left to fill, the district decided the replacement on Feb. 9, at the school board meeting. The board decided for the new spot to go to Mr. David Badamo, the current Woodworking and Home Maintenance teacher. Badamo has also decided to only take a $22,000 salary in return for this demanding position. He will officially begin his work as the athletic director in the fall of next year, after shadowing Rosa at the end of this school year.




During this basketball season, senior Julia Morbacher and junior Shaye Bailey both earned the achievement of hitting 1000 points in their varsity basketball careers. To go along with these amazing accomplishments, Bailey also scored 51 points in the same game that she earned her 1000th point in. Bailey also set a school record for the most points scored in a single game. The girls still have time left in the season, and they will head to the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League playoffs after their regular season games are finished.




As spring training approaches, the Pittsburgh Pirates hope to find some prospects that they can put onto their roster in the near future. The Pirates have faced a lot of adversity with coaching changes, players being traded and more. This, however, did not seem to stop the Pirates from acquiring new players to hopefully launch the 2023 season off to a great start. Some of these top prospects that will be in the line up, or pitching rotation, are Ji-Man Choi, Austin Hedges and Conor Joe. With that, Andrew McCutchen will also be returning to the line up. McCutchen was a shining star for the Pirates back in the 2010’s, and many fans are glad to see him return to the city of Pittsburgh.




LeBron James entered the league as a very talented player. For years, James has been perfecting the sport of basketball and succeeding very well. On Feb 7, 2023 James stripped Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the all-time scoring record and crowned it as his own. This milestone is one that very few people even have the chance to be able to do. However, James has succeeded in his path to greatness, and is now the all-time leading scorer of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Soon after this happened, it instantly became trending on social media. Fans continue to look forward to watching James in the future.