Spring swings

Girls softball sticks together through season despite tough losses


Jessica Majors

Sophomore Kiersten Ferrell delivers a pitch against Hopewell on March 27.

Alexandra Mizzelle, Asst. Sports Editor

With COVID-19 happening, practices and games became rough and difficult to make happen. 

“It is an added stress because normally you have to try to avoid injuries & that hasn’t changed but now have to worry about not only players getting covid but also not being in close contact with a positive person because either way I lose a player for almost two weeks. And with a roster of 10 girls that’s an added stress factor that must be constantly monitored,” Coach Bill Boggs said.

COVID-19 has not stopped the team and they are practicing and even playing games. So far the team has won two scrimmages against Carlynton with a score of 13-3 and Beaver Falls with a score of 10-2. They lost two games to Hopewell on March 29, with a score of 5-9 and South Side on March 27, with a score of 8-6. They won on April 6 with a score of 5-1 vs. Beaver Falls. On April 14, the team won the game against Burgettstown, with a score of 8-2. On April 15, The team lost to Shenango with a score of 3-1.  

On April 16, The girls lost to Riverside with a score of 12-5. On April 17 they lost to Laurel with a score of 15-0. On April 19 They lost to Lincoln with a score of 8-2. A loss to New Brighton on April 20 ended with a score of 7-6. Even with the losses, the team stayed as one.

“When spring softball season started I was excited to see my team  after everything happening around us. The softball team isn’t just a team, we are a family on and off the field,” senior Haley Scheck said.

The team has even started to look towards playoffs this season and is hoping to go very far, starting from beginning to end, with the goal to win. 

“It’s going to take a lot of hard work to pick up where we left off in the 2019 season. We made school history that season, and we have a lot of talented players on our team so I think we are able to go far,” junior Audrey Lawrence said. 

With looking towards the future, the team as of now keeps up with practicing and even games. They work together with a goal to win and are keeping the bond they have with each other strong.

“My favorite part so far has been bonding with the team, we have all bonded really well together which helps us a lot out on the field,” sophomore Kiersten Ferrell said.