STEM classes prove important for future success


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Then-junior Renae Mohrbacher presents her long-term during the 2020-2021 school year.

Many dread the thought of walking into math class during the day; however, a lot abandon the thought of how important it is to be taking science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) classes. When one realizes how important these classes are, they will start to enjoy them more. 

STEM majors are known to make more money than other majors. A statistic from Business Insider states that STEM majors make around $65,000 on average, while their non-STEM peers make about $15,500 less. On top of that, STEM majors are more likely to be employed; as well as being able to maintain one full time job, rather than having multiple part time jobs. Allowing oneself to be able to maintain one stable job is definitely beneficial to one’s stress levels and mental health. 

STEM courses atFreedom are taught by many teachers, a few being Dr. Brian Wargo who teaches physics, Ms. Debrah Evans who teaches chemistry, Mr. Edward Majors who teaches mathematics, Mr. Jesse Gagich who teaches computer and technology classes and many more. These classes push students to use their brains in ways they did not think were possible. 

Twin Science states that STEM classes improve creativity, collaboration, communication skills, critical thinking, taking initiative, social-emotional learning (SEL) and overall improves cognitive skills.

“I have taken so much from my STEM classes, but overall, I think that I have found how important STEM is in all future careers. It gives you the best shot at a successful future and allows you to excel in all other fields through critical thinking and collaboration,” junior Brandi Bonzo said. 

Wargo is infamous for trying to get multiple students to take Physics, as well as more STEM classes. Every year, Freedom has a science conference where students show off their long term projects. Multiple Freedom alumni come back to show how science has affected their lives. Although people complain about their STEM classes, obviously some people, deep down, truly enjoy these classes. If they did not, they would not praise the classes or come back. 

“I definitely would [come back for the science conference]. It would be really cool to get that opportunity to connect with my former teachers and the up and coming students at Freedom. I really hope I get the opportunity to come back some day!” senior Carter Huggins said. 

Making sure one takes as many STEM classes as possible allows for future successes and personal growth. One does not need to go into a STEM major for these advantages to happen. Even making sure one takes these classes that are available to them and ensuring that he or she takes the most they can out of this is important.