Students share sports they feel should be in Olympics


Skateboarding Transworld

A skateboarder competes in the 2014 X Games, a national skateboarding competition.

Kinsley Aswani, Staff Writer

The Tokyo Olympics, which were delayed due to the pandemic, are taking place this year. Usually, the Olympics take place every two years, alternating between summer and winter. Some people think there should be other sports in the Olympics.

According to, skateboarding was a big hit in the 1960s. Right now, there are many people who still skateboard every day. Skateboarding in the Xgames has been held for over 25 years, and is one of the top sports in this event. Senior David Martsolf suggested skateboarding as being one of the sports to be in the Olympics.

“Skateboarding should be in the Olympics because it is one of the hardest sports to master,” Martsolf said.

There are also many sports that have been around for a while that have been added to the Olympics, like soccer. 

One sport that has been in the Olympics twice before is American football. American football was only featured in the 1904 Olympic games according to

The Olympics have many sports. Numerous countries around the world compete, too. American football is mostly played in America, so it’s not as well-known in other countries. Some countries know about or know how to play American football, but it’s still not as popular there. 

“Football should be in the Olympics because it is the most watched sport in the United States,” sophomore Austin Coll said. 

Although rugby is a sport that most countries know and play, America knows, but does not commonly play rugby. Something that may happen in the future is that maybe all the countries will allow all sports to be in the Olympics. 

“All should be included. They are all as competitive as the others, so why not have all,” junior Sara Mengel said. 

During the Olympics, athletes compete in the most known sports around the world, but if all sports were put into the Olympics then most of the world would have to learn how to play. An interesting fact is that there are only three countries that do not participate in the Olympics. One country that is unrecognized according to, is named Vatican City. It is a very religious country and was never known to sign up for the Olympics. 

The Olympics are very special because it brings everyone together. It is very competitive, but in the end, it is very fun and most everyone enjoys it.