Students, staff share who they admire


Young children look up to others to help shape their futures.

Who is the person that has the most impact on a child’s life? Everyone has someone that they strive to be. Whether it is a family member, a celebrity or even a fictional character, looking up to someone is an important part of growing up. It causes choices to be made subconsciously from a very young age that shape the person they are today, and who they will be in the future. Many people look up to their parents or guardians, for they are the people who have the most impact on children’s lives from day one. 

In life, we are faced with many challenges and situations that involve making a decision, whether it is something as simple as what to eat for dinner, or more complex such as what to do after high school. With all of these questions and not many definite answers, it is the people we look up to that have some say in the choices we make. Some people seek excellence in a sport and look up to famous athletes. Others notice important life skills in the family members around them and aim to be like them. 

Freshman Thomas Ward looks up to Buster Posey, a famous MLB catcher. Looking up to famous people is a great thing. Whether they are in a movie or play a sport, they have many people looking up to them, therefore they are expressing and showing many useful skills. Ward has played multiple sports, including baseball. He has learned many useful life skills such as communication and teamwork, which are both things that will be used later on in life no matter what career he goes into. 

“It has made me a better team player and has helped me with better communication skills that will help me with my future career,” Ward said.

Mr. Cole Eged looked up to his mom as a child. Looking up to a parent as a little kid is something a lot of people can relate to. The majority of everything children know is from spending the most time with their parents while growing up.

“I would say that it [his mother’s influence] has instilled a strong work ethic and made me a very optimistic person,” Eged said.

Senior Olivia Evans looks up to her aunt. Just like parents, any family member can have a grand impact on everyday life. Their accomplishments are more personal to the ones closest to them and in their daily life. 

“My aunt has always been a hard worker and even at a young age she was working multiple jobs to make money so I strive to be like her,” Evans said.

In order to succeed in life, it takes a great deal of hard work and determination to get there. Some may also need help and encouragement from other people, whether it is directly from a family member or indirectly from someone famous. Looking up to someone can shape the decisions made on a daily basis. Even when people do not realize that others are affecting their daily lives there’s a chance that they are.