Students stuck at home without spring sports

Leannah Messenger, Contributing Writer

Sports have always been an essential part of many student’s lives, whether it’s competing in a sport of their own, being part of the crowd or watching sports on TV. Sports influence everyone every day, no matter who they are or what sport they are involved in. Without school being active, sports have been canceled and the many benefits that come with these activities have also been taken away.
In the past few months, hundreds of international sporting events have been canceled; like the NCAA March Madness, the NHL and the MLS Schools around the globe have canceled all spring sporting events and practices. Sadly, senior athletes will not get to enjoy their final year of spring sports. Without sports, many students have felt a strain on their normal routine and lifestyle.
“I mainly just miss the good memories from the spring sports. I was really looking forward to having a good, but also fun year in track and while I still have two years after this to improve and be successful it’s just sad that I’ll be missing a year.” sophomore Jay Hessler said.
While missing out on a sport, students will also be missing out on the advantages that come with sports. Playing sports comes with both mental and physical benefits like lowering risk of disease, improving muscular strength, stress relief and improved sleep. Other mental benefits of playing sports include boosted mood, improved concentration, boosted self-confidence and development of leadership traits. Not only does playing sports provide its own benefits, but it also draws people together and gives one a sense of accomplishment. Athletics provide an improved mindset where one can set goals, learn about success and failure, and have fun at the same time.
While people are unable to interact in sporting events, there are still many at-home activities that are available. Many gyms and athletic organizations are providing online courses and exercise opportunities for one to do at home. Even without sports, exercising is still an essential part of any healthy daily routine. Simply walking or running outside, exercising to a workout video or doing a simple routine every day can provide many of the same benefits that come with sports. Self-motivation is the key aspect to quarantined exercising; this can come with many mental advantages and a personal sense of achievement.
Sports provide some of the most crucial aspects of a student athlete’s life and provide a number of memories for one to look back on.
“I’ve been able to make so many great memories and meet so many new people. It’s also improved my mentality on a lot of things and sports have really just given me a way to do something that I love and want to get better at.” Hessler said.
Even without the opportunity to play spring sports this year, there is still an opportunity to improve athletic skills at home and continue to stay active.