Students taking action to prepare for their future


Mikalah Smith, Features Editor

As many watched the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, seniors realized it has officially become graduation year. With college classes starting in the fall and deadlines arriving fast, many are planning out what they want to major in, where they want to further their education or what they want to do with their future. 2023 is a year full of new beginnings and seniors look eagerly towards their upcoming graduation and the prospects it brings. New beginnings can look like anything. For example, students attend universities, the military and trade schools. 


Ethan Geibel 

Senior Ethan Giebel is planning on attending the University of North Florida to study computer science. He determined this because Freedom offered an Amazon-sponsored python coding class and he took it and became interested. 

“I’m looking forward to the warm weather and going to the beach,”  Geibel said. Geibel is preparing by keeping his grades up to earn scholarships. 


Brandi Bonzo 

Senior Brandi Bonzo is attending Penn State University to major in Biochemistry. Bonzo came to her decision because she plans on going to graduate school to eventually get her PhD in Infectious disease. 

“I’m preparing by taking classes that will help me. I’m looking forward to meeting new people,” Bonzo said. 


Annaray Hatt

Senior Annaray Hatt is planning to attend the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) and then transfer after two years to Penn State University. Hatt plans to get her RN, LPN and CRNA. Hatt is preparing by saving money, applying for scholarships and figuring out what she needs to get ready for. 

“I determined this because when I was job shadowing, I really enjoyed it and could see myself doing it when I am older. I am looking forward to accomplishing my dreams and goals. I am also looking forward to meeting so many new people in college,” Hatt said.  


While going to college is popular, there are many other ways to further education. This includes trade school and work experience. Many students plan on taking advantage of these options as well. 

Mason Swab

Senior Mason Swab is planning to work at Penn Power as a lineman. Swab has been interested in this for a while. 

“I am looking forward to getting a good job and graduating,” Swab said. He is preparing by applying to the training for the job. 


Luke Gazdik

Senior Luke Gazdik is planning to further his education in electrical. He plans to start an apprenticeship with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Gazdik decided on electrical because it will always be needed. 

“I’m looking forward to learning new things and starting my career with things that interest me,” Gazdik said. 

While there are many months until college classes begin, everyone is preparing for new beginnings. Moving away to college, or joining the workforce can bring changes that students will have to prepare for. Many students are looking forward to furthering their education and learning what they want to pursue in the future.