Summer vs. winter: What’s the better season?

Sparkling snow, snuggly sweatpants, sunny seashores and sandy sandals endorse different feelings either about winter or summer. It’s that time of year when the snow melts, the sun shines brighter, the grass gets greener and the air smells fresh. Spring is the transitioning season from winter to summer, so it’s the perfect time to compare and contrast the two. Which is better, summer or winter?

The first thing to come to mind when thinking of winter is probably snow and the cold weather, but there is so much more to winter. One significant thing to look at about winter is the things to do; there are winter sports and winter activities. Some winter sports are: basketball, wrestling, hockey, winter cheer, indoor track, competitive skiing and competitive bobsledding. Also, another factor is watching winter sports and great memories can be made sitting in the stands while watching a sport. 

Winter activities can vary widely because everyone has activities unique to them. However, some common activities are: skiing, sled riding, snowball fights, snow tubing, snowboarding, ice fishing and ice skating. While these activities may be very fun, most of them are dependent on the weather. If there isn’t snow, that automatically eliminates half of them. Even if there is no snow and the weather is cold and dreary, sitting down and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate can still be very relaxing. 

Winter weather is very subjective; everyone feels different about it. Some may hate the cold and others may love it. However, there is something aesthetically pleasing about snowflakes falling together. The beautiful days of winter can make up for the dreary, cold days. 

Summer is known for the much needed break from school or work that it provides, but there is also more to summer. The weather is favorable and people have loads of freetime. While most schools’ sports seasons are closed for the summer, athletes can still participate in wreck sport leagues. The summer activities seem to outweigh winter activities because there is such a large variety of them. Some common activities are: enjoying refreshing cold treats, going to the beach, making sandcastles, visiting lakes, fishing, tanning, swimming in pools, hanging out with friends, going to amusement parks and many others. Even on days when the sun isn’t shining, people still have time to relax without the pressures of school and work.

Summer weather is also subjective; some may hate warm weather, others may love it. But, compared to winter weather, even on the “bad” days there are still more benefits. Even if it’s raining and humid, staying inside and watching a movie while drinking ice cold water is a good alternative. The only real cons of summer are the days when the weather isn’t behaving and when people can become bored because there is so much freetime. 

Overall, summer seems to take the cake in the debate between summer and winter. There are more activities to enjoy, and less to worry about. This is what makes it more appealing to everyone who is just trying to have fun.