Summertime sadness

Summertime brings insecurities to some


Winter clothing is easy to cover up in while summer clothing can be uncomfortable.

As winter starts wrapping up, the warm summer air starts flowing in. With swimming in the pool, tanning in the sun, relaxing outside and hanging out with friends, summer is a month of great times and no school. But, for many people, summer can bring insecurities. 

“A lot of my insecurities stem from growing up and what my mother dressed me in. She always put me in tankinis instead of regular swimsuits; always made me wear one-pieces. Plus, with all the kids around me being skinnier and thinner, it makes me more insecure about the way I look and the way boys will look at me,” an anonymous student said. 

With the warm weather, most people wear clothing with less material in order to cool down. Summer style ranges from clothing items like jean shorts, athletic shorts, tank tops, muscle shirts, bikinis, swim trunks, summer dresses, skirts, flip flops and sandals. These clothing styles are all considered normal, but they do reveal more skin than the typical winter style. In winter, people can hide inside of their baggy clothes, while in summer, their bodies are more out in the open. This can cause people to be worried about what they will look like in tighter and more revealing clothing items. Some people even think they need to get ready for summer in order to have the perfect “summer body.” 

“During the summer, I get insecure about my body’s physique compared to other people, and it makes swimming or going to beaches in public kind of uncomfortable because it always feels as though everyone else is more fit,” an anonymous student said. 

Another factor that brings insecurities is social media. Many social media influencers have what some deem as the “perfect body.” These people are paid to look good and edit their photos to enhance their appearance. A lot of them also live year-round in hot areas. So, they are always wearing summer clothes in lavish, tropical areas. They paint their lives and bodies as beautiful pictures, and regular people find themselves comparing themselves to these influencers. 

The idea of a “perfect body” can be very harmful for people. Everybody is different, and comparing oneself to another’s body will not prove to be beneficial. An abundance of people feel the weight of needing the perfect body because of beauty standards pushing thinness upon people. Some even feel like they need to wear the current style to fit the standards. 

“Beauty standards affect me quite a lot because I am not on the thinnest side of the spectrum, so I have to deal with finding the cute outfit with the right size that’s never in style. I also have to worry about thigh chafing,” an anonymous student said. 

All in all, while summer can be very fun, it can also be a stressful time for many. Attempting to feel confident in oneself and avoiding comparison are important parts of overcoming such insecurities. 

“Everyone deserves to feel confident in their own bodies this summer. I really hope people can see past the superficial and enjoy having fun no matter what. Don’t let your insecurities stop you from doing what you want to do,” an anonymous student said.