Super donation

Teams that lose Super Bowl donate pre-made merchandise to charitable organizations


Photographing Travis/CC BY 2.0

While stores stock shelves with the winning team’s clothing, the losing team’s clothing is being shipped back to the NFL Organization.

The Super Bowl is a football game that is known and watched by millions of people every year. The game is broadcast to millions of televisions across the world. The concept is simple; two teams that have battled through the regular season, and the playoffs, square off in one final game. The Super Bowl decides which team is truly the best in the NFL that current season.

After one team wins the game, it can be seen that players and fans are wearing shirts and hats of the winning team. One might ask, “How did the NFL staff make those shirts and hats so quickly, and how did they get them to the players and people that fast?” Well, what some people might not know, is there are clothes for each team that are pre-made. Now one might be saying, “But only one team wins the game! What about the other team’s clothes?” For the case of the losing team, their clothes are donated by the NFL organization and the Good360 to places that give out clothing to people that desperately need them. 

According to an article written by USAToday, “Both organizations come up with a list of countries where gear can be donated, which Rudolph said includes places such as Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East…The products are then sent to a facility in the U.S. With the expense that comes from shipping overseas, Good360 waits until shipping containers can be completely filled before sending them out.” 

In short, the NFL and the Good360 organizations find communities that need clothes the most, and they send them to donation centers located closest to them. 

The donation of clothes is not a new concept either. For at least 15 years, the NFL and Good360 organizations have been donating Super Bowl team’s clothing across the world. The moment a team wins the game, their clothing is unpacked from the boxes they were stored in and stocked on retail shelves. For the losing team, their clothes stay in boxes and get sent back to the NFL so the organization can figure out places to ship the clothes to. 

Fans might be sad that their team made it all the way to the Super Bowl and lost the big game, but a silver lining can be found in it. Losing the game might still hurt, but think of all the new fans that the losing team will get because their names are on the pieces of clothing that are given to them through donation. The pre-made clothes from the losing team will be donated all over the world to the communities that need them the most. At the end of the day, both teams are winning in this game.