Thankful for teachers

District community shows gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week


Alexa Davis

An “Appreciation Station” was set up in front of the cafeteria so students could write nice letters to their teachers.

Alexa Davis, Asst. Features/Copy Editor

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week fell from May 3 through May 7. Teacher Appreciation Week was first recommended in 1953 by Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt asked Congress to make an official day to celebrate those who give selflessly day in and day out to better the country by instilling knowledge into future leaders. It wasn’t until almost 30 years later that this day was recognized as a national holiday. The first official day of Teacher Appreciation Week was celebrated in 1980! Since then, teachers all over the country are treated to special gifts, acknowledgments and deals to celebrate their careers.  

Throughout the week, teachers are able to show their school IDs in order to receive special discounts on food and other goods or services. For example, at Office Depot, rewards members receive 25% back in rewards with a special coupon. Buffalo Wild Wings offers 20% off orders when proper ID is presented. Teachers, don’t forget the free taco at Taco Bell during this week! These are just a few of the offers teachers have the opportunity to partake in during their special week.

Here at Freedom, parent organizations always make sure to treat teachers to special meals and snacks. According to the Freedom Elementary PTA Facebook page, teachers in the elementary school were treated with popcorn on Tuesday, May 4, and had other surprises throughout the week. The middle school teachers were rewarded for their efforts with items such as a box lunch from J&J Catering and cake pops from Windy Hill Bakery. At the high school, there were two Appreciation Stations set up, where students could write letters thanking their teachers. These are just some examples of the ways people try to make teachers feel the appreciation that they deserve.

Throughout the past year, teachers have had to go above and beyond to help students. With COVID-19 and virtual learning, each and every teacher had to change their daily routines and adapt to new situations. Whether they had to have a one-on-one call with a student, stay online a little later than usual to reply to an overflowing inbox full of emails or even think of creative ways to keep their classes interesting, teachers have worked so hard this year to educate their students. The amazing, hardworking teachers in the United States, and around the world, were a light in the darkness for many students. Though living through the pandemic was definitely a hard time, students always had their teachers to rely on.

In the United States, there are about 3.6 million teachers and educators. It is only fair that they get an official week in honor of all they do for their communities. Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to show teachers some extra recognition, but really, teachers are appreciated all year round.