The cost of priceless memories


From store to store, you spend the day searching for the perfect prom dress. After looking at each and every one and grabbing hold of only your favorites, you take the time to try on and deliberate your choices. Finally, you pick your favorite and leave with the perfect dress. Unfortunately, you will most likely wear that dress once and may even leave the store with hundreds of dollars less. 

Prom is a tradition within many schools and has been for decades. Year after year, social media and marketing is filled with “prom season” content. Many students look forward to the time where they are finally able to attend this long awaited event. While prom creates lasting memories for those attending and those helping to prepare, prom lasts only a few hours. Once it’s over, many dresses hang in a closet for the years to come.

In today’s age, there is an unspoken standard for women, and sometimes men, to not wear the same thing twice. With this in mind, girls who attend prom all four years of their high school career will buy four separate dresses. This can add up to a costly expense that may not be feasible for some families. In addition to the dress, some spend hundreds on accessories such as hair, make-up, shoes and jewelry. Many families cannot afford such expenses for a one night occasion. 

As an alternative to this issue, families should consider second-hand dresses or more cost-effective items. These dresses can be found within thrift stores, others’ closets and within places like the Bulldog Boutique. The Bulldog Boutique is a designated area within the nurses office that is designed as a place for students to get clothes if they need. All clothes within it are donated from people within the community. Students are strongly encouraged to donate as well.

“The bulldog Boutique is something we started for students who need some clothes. When something happens, like a student spills something, they can go there instead of going home or having a parent drop something off,” Alyssa Young said.

 The boutique is filled with new and gently used clothing items. They have socks, underwear, personal hygiene products and many other necessities. In fact, some students use this resource for special occasions like speeches or ceremonies. They can turn here instead of spending money on something new for prom as well.

“We have a variety of sizes for suits and prom dresses. They all have been donated gently. They are all clean and have no stains. If anyone is in need of one, they can come check it out in the back of the nurses office or stop in the guidance office,” Young said.

Students can save money and cut down on unused clothing in their closet through looking into alternate prom dress options. Every student deserves the chance to feel included no matter their financial status.