Tragic time, Tragic care

Elderly need extra help in this trying time


Boston Globe

a harsh reality that many are unable to see their family members in this tough time.

JoAnn Sharpless, Managing Editor (Online)

Although this time is hard for everyone at the moment, we all need to be aware of what we can do to help keep those we love safe. Many people are upset about being forced to stay home, not being able to go on their trips or spend time with their friends. Although this is a very hard time for everyone, it is especially hard for people in families who are trying to take care of loved ones at this time — particularly families who have members who have immune disorders, or the elderly who are the most at risk to be affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus).


   When it comes to slowing down the spread of the virus, it is important for people to practice social distancing. This means standing six feet apart from each other and making sure to keep away from crowds. These rules are pretty self-explanatory, and when followed, are a good defense against the virus. With these new regulations and the fact that this virus spreads very fast, families are struggling to find ways to help their loved ones, some of the people suffering the most from this being the elderly. 


The elderly make up nearly 15.2% of the United States population, which equals almost 49.2 million people. Due to these individuals usually having prior health conditions and just, in general, having a weaker immune system, they are more at risk. Many elderly sadly are not able to live by themselves either, which means that they might have someone who comes in to check on them, or they live in a nursing home. Both of these things are being highly affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak. Now, in an attempt to ensure that their loved ones are safe, people have to stay away from them, which can be hard for many especially if they are close to them. 


This time is strange because the whole time as you have grown up, you have been told to spend time with your loved ones, and family. Now in order to show that you love your family, it is best that you don’t visit them, and stay as far away as possible. This can lead to many children, adults and elderly feeling depressed and confused, but there are some ways that you can stay in touch with your family members without having to worry about spreading anything. 


One of the best ways to spend time and talk to your family members would be by calling them or video chatting. Although these don’t nearly compare to seeing them in person, it’s more comforting to hear someone’s voice and to see their face, even if it’s just through a screen. Another great thing about the video calls is the fact that you could have multiple people on the call at once, so you could meet with your whole family if you truly wanted to. 


This is a very hard time for everyone around us, but the best way we can show our love is to not show up to our loved one’s houses. We need to continue to socially distance ourselves so the elderly and the immunocompromised don’t become affected by this virus because they matter to us.