Valentine’s Day Dance almost canceled


Ana Shipman, Editor-in-Cheif (Digital)

“Love is in the air,” a saying many are familiar with, however, for the high school that almost was not the case. It is a typical tradition for many schools, including Freedom, to have a dance during the winter time. Although in past times, the dance was a winter formal held in early January, the staff and students decided on a dance for the middle of February with a theme of Valentine’s Day. For the past few years, the tradition was broken for a multitude of reasons, including COVID-19, as well as not enough funds or tickets being bought. 

This year, the new tradition of no winter dances almost continued. However, this was not the case, since the dance finally prevailed. Many students were anxiously awaiting the announcement, determining whether or not the dance would be called off. With the apprehension of the outlook, many students expected the dance to be cut. 

“I was definitely worried [about the dance being canceled] because I was really looking forward to seeing my friends there and just having a good time in general! I think I would have been pretty bummed out if it was canceled,” junior Vera Armenio said. 

Seniors were mainly dominating the people attending. Due to it being many people’s last years at the school, the class of 2023 was expressing their concerns of missing out on experiences. 

“It’s important to go to the Valentine’s Day Dance because it is my last year, and I’m really trying to make the most of it by getting involved in as much as I can. I want to make more great memories here, and the dance is a perfect way to do that,” senior Edna Arredondo said. 

Many dances are where people make their favorite memories from their years in high school. Students felt a breath of fresh air and were very excited to prepare to make some more long lasting memories. 

“Chances like this only happen once in a lifetime, you miss out on the chance of making new memories with friends, or even possibly getting a date for that night,” junior Nicole Matoic said.  

On top of the fact that seniors might not be able to attend their last dance, aside from prom, it is quite the opposite for sophomores and freshmen. This would be their first winter dance. Including students who were homeschooled, just like sophomore Tristan Betsch. 

“Being in school and in person is a lot better because you get more in school support and interactions, plus you can get closer to people. It is important for me to go to the dance so I can spend time with my friends and girlfriend,” Betsch said. 

As many were relieved with the dance being finalized, people were excited to make new memories with their peers.