Valentine’s Day: helpful or hurtful?


Valentine’s Day is the one day a year designed to get people from all over the world to embrace the love for their friends, family and significant others. This holiday is filled with an abundance of pink and red decorations, sentimental gift-giving and messages of love that are reciprocated through a plethora of other meaningful actions. However, does everyone truly want to celebrate this day, or does it cause dread in some? Is this day truly as loving as it seems, or does it grow resentment inside the hearts of many people?

On the bright side, Valentine’s Day is advertised as one of the greatest days to show love for anything that you have feelings for. Not only does it help that this day is supposed to get people in a loving and thoughtful mood, but major corporate businesses even create special limited-time items for people to purchase on or around this day. For example, Crumbl Cookie released three cookies during the week of Valentine’s Day in order to give the holiday more value. Social media also has a very positive effect on this day. All over a plethora of social media platforms, people are posting about one another’s partners to show appreciation for the relationships that they have. Not only this, but posts share thoughts and feelings with people from anywhere in the world, so people are giving many others across the world the opportunity to get a tiny glimpse of their own, personal relationships.

Overall, Valentine’s Day usually causes nothing but the most positive impact for anyone who pays attention to it. However, some may disagree with this statement. For some, the onslaught of loving pictures, memories and gift-giving can be too much to handle. Some people cringe at the mere sight of a relationship alone, let alone a whole day dedicated to the name of all relationships. Others have just gotten out of relationships and cannot bear to see their ex(s) in a happy relationship when they have not moved on themselves. Whatever the case, this day, in particular, can cause many unnecessary emotions of dread and distaste. Emotions are a very fragile subject that all people must deal with in life. Our emotions can make us celebrate the best of times and feel the worst of times equally, but Valentine’s Day is a day that can bring on the utmost sadness in many individuals.

Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate the love many people on Earth share for each other, but this love can indirectly influence the mental situation of many more. Whether intended for loving or hurtful purposes, Valentine’s Day should be celebrated in a way to give thanks to your loved ones, while also being mindful and respectful of those who do not have anyone to share their love with on this day.