Varsity valediction

Yet another year of ‘goodbye’s’ to seniors


Brianna McKee and Ava Colorito

As the season came to an end, seniors face the grief of farewells to their fellow teammates.
For teams, losing seniors can be an emotional time and disadvantage to the younger teammates. However, the seniors leaving gives the underclassmen the chance to step up and run the show.
The seniors who spent the last year leading and teaching the underclassmen played their last game on Oct. 22, which was also senior night.
“I am upset about leaving because I’ve been playing since I was in 7th grade and it’s going to be weird not playing at all,” Senior Michaela Muron said.
As the year ends, Seniors Courtney Susan and Muron will pass on their skills. They have impacted the other teammates, whether in performance or simply how to be a good team member. For some, this team has been together for years, and the soon-to-be graduates will leave their mark on the upcoming seniors.
“I’m going to miss everybody,” Muron said.
Since the underclassmen have learned so many skills from the seniors over the years, it’s now time for the underclassmen to step up as the leaders.
“They will have to put in the work, but there is a lot of potential for them to go far,” Susan said.
With a little practice, the underclassmen will be able to gain the skills to lead their young peers next year, which will benefit the entire team.
“I am sad that the seniors are leaving, but I am excited to start as a senior player and continue playing hard,” said Junior Kaylea Aspiotes.
The team showed their skills on Oct. 5, when the Freedom volleyball team played at home against Eden Christian Academy. Throughout the entire game, the girls were talking on the court to make sure that the team was working as one with the same plan. Serves by Juniors Jordan Haskey and Aspiotes put Freedom in the lead. With a great deal of support from the audience, Freedom won all three games, scoring 24-20, 25-15, and 25-13.
On Oct. 8 Freedom suffered a loss, but the girls worked together throughout the game. There were many good plays and difficult saves, but the team was unable to secure a win. However, they were able to learn from this experience and make the most of the loss.
“Through all the bad and good times throughout the years, it’s going to be really sad playing on the court with my team for the last time,” Susan said.
The end of the season is right around the corner, and this was the first year Coach Jillian Zentko, who the team nicknamed “Jay-Z”, has worked with the girls.
“Being the first group of girls with Jay-Z and leaving now is crazy. I’ve grown such a passion throughout my six years of playing here and I will miss it a lot,” Susan said.
Even though they’re like a family, the team is ready to move on and focus on the new and upcoming players.“I think the team will do great next year,” Muron said.