Violence in politics serves as threat to democracy


As kids, everyone had that one friend who refused to lose. You could win “fair and square,” but still your friend would argue that you cheated. This kind of behavior ruins the game. Politics seem to be running the same way, and it is ruining democracy. As poll workers count ballots for the upcoming Pennsylvania election, everyone should play by the rules and the winner will be announced, “fair and square.” 

Recent events ​regarding violence in American politics are a cause for concern. A riot at the Capitol, death threats towards poll workers and an attack on Paul Pelosi are all threats to democracy. They pose the questions, “Will there continue to be controversy regarding mail-in ballots and election fraud?” and “Will poll workers and politicians continue to face a backlash?”

On Jan. 6, 2021, the attack on the Capitol was sparked from the claim that the election was stolen from former president Donald Trump. Before this major event, poll workers in Arizona were facing threats, with at least 140 documented threats. Poll workers quickly went from learning about how to count ballots to learning self-defense. These threats towards them were not only alarming because they put the workers in harm, but it also caused a shortage of people who could work the polls. 

The riot in the Capitol was a devastating day for most Americans. In a study by Pew Research, Americans were asked to describe their reaction to the riots. 37% expressed strong negative emotions, and 35% expressed shock and anguish. With the majority of Americans having similar feelings about the attacks, one might think that the country would be able to come closer together, but it seems that the country has stayed divided. 

Finally, the attack on Paul Pelosi sparked more concern for the safety of political leaders. David DePape, a 42-year-old man, was accused of breaking into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s residence. The accusations included an attack on Paul Pelosi and a kidnapping attempt. This attack made millions of death threats toward politicians turn into so much more. As more and more political violence continues to occur, it furthers America from a true democracy. 

Americans should focus on voting and creating change by using their individual voices. It is important to keep in mind that the people have the power to vote for leaders in and out of office.

The future of American politics is looking ugly, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For true democracy to continue to prosper in America, it is crucial that violent crimes stemming from political ideologies must come to an end. Internet users should fact-check and research any information they receive from an unreliable source. Politicians should work to be truthful, and respect the democratic process. The country as a whole should work towards respecting the democratic position and respecting one another’s opinions. It is important for people to find common ground and stray from dangerous conspiracy theories.