Volleyball team holds their heads up with season coming to an end


Skylar Scobbo/FHS Press

Getting high fives from her teammates caption Madison Fessides is announced to the court.

As the season quickly comes to an end, the volleyball team, 3-9, has to say goodbye to the seniors. This year the team has nine seniors. The seniors consist of captain Emily Frashure, captain Madison Fessides, Hailey Chumak, Olivia Evans, Audrey Lawrence, Abigail Lisanti, Sara Mengel, Alexis Rinere and Madison Rhoades.  

“What I will miss most about the seniors is how they would make anything fun. Even during the tough drills and hard games, they never failed to put a smile on my face or make me laugh,” junior Journey Welling said. 

Not only have the seniors worked hard this season, but so has the rest of the team. Currently, the team is 3-9, however there are still a few more games in the season. Last year, the volleyball team finished with a record of 2-12. So far this season, the girls have grown and improved. Not only have they grown as teammates, but also as friends. The team does a lot of bonding on and off the court, such as going out to eat after games and practice and the bus rides to and from games. 

“I will miss the memories I have created and the friendships I have made the most,” Mengel said.

This year the team put in a lot of hard work. They practiced during the summer and throughout the season. In the games that the team won, the hard work really showed. All season the team has worked together with the same goal in mind. Next year, the same exact goal will be there, and more chances to get there as well.

“The competition is tough, but I think with the team that is forming we have a good chance to accomplish this goal,” Welling said.

Some of these girls have played volleyball since they were in seventh and eighth grade. Volleyball has had a huge impact on their lives. From the countless hours of practice and games, volleyball has had a big part in shaping themselves. 

“Volleyball has shaped me into a player with many goals for myself, not only myself but for my teammates,” Mengel said. 

There is a lot of hope for next year. With the seniors leaving, that means there will be more girls coming up from the junior varsity team. These new girls will bring dedication, strength and skill. Not only does that mean there will be new opportunities next year, but also new friendships. This team values friendship in order to work together and harder on the court. 

“Some advice I would give to the team next year is to just enjoy it because you’ll be a senior before you know it and it will all be over,” Lawrence said. 

As of now, the team has won three section games with a few more games left in the season; there is still hope for more wins like these ones. There is even more hope for a successful season next year.