What goes around, comes around

How karma can affect people daily


Alexa Davis, Copy Editor/Asst. Features Editor

Karma is a very popular concept that is well-known all over the world. Karma can be associated with a type of payback. In the idea of karma, the theory is that the actions a person makes and how they treat people will determine their fate. The real question is, do people really believe in karma?

The concept of karma was established from the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. The word karma means an action or effect. Although there is also a deep religious meaning behind karma, it is most known as a deciding factor in one’s destiny. The idea is pretty simple: a person’s actions will earn them equal consequences. One example of karma would be someone who constantly made fun of poor people, and later in life, they lose all of their money and become poor. Karma would affect that person by giving them payback for being rude to others. 

Many people do not believe in karma. They say the idea is inaccurate or correct because bad things can happen to good people. Although that may be true, karma actually happens often. If someone was being argued with, most of the time, they are going to argue back. If one person slaps another person, they are most likely going to start a fight. This is along the same lines as karma. If one person does something to another person, they will likely receive the same type of reaction back. So, applying this to one’s fate, a criminal will not have a great destiny. They will commit all sorts of bad deeds and then spend their life in jail. This would be karma for their wrongdoings.

Karma is strongly associated with religion, so that is another reason why people may not believe in karma. The idea of karma is based around a higher power or God that keeps track of the actions that people make. If a person does not believe in a specific religion, they can think about karma as a reaction from other people. Just like parents and teachers tell children, treat others how you would want to be treated. If someone was extremely rude to another person, most likely, the other person will be rude too. On the other hand, if two people are friendly to each other, chances are, they are going to have a nice relationship. They can either have bad karma by gaining an enemy, or good karma and making a friendship. 

Although karma is a very popular concept, everyone has a different opinion on it. Whether a person believes in karma or not, everyone should try to spread positive energy. If karma is real, it is better to be safe than sorry. Try to attract good karma and stay away from the negativity.