What to know about the COVID-19 vaccine


Pennsylvania Department of Health

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the vaccine, available in a phased approach (as seen above), will ultimately be available to all Pennsylvanians whom wish to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Alexandra Mizzelle, Asst. Sports Editor

With the death toll rising because of COVID-19, doctors and nurses are trying to get the vaccine out to everyone quickly. Right now the COVID-19 death toll is over 400,000 in the United States, and the numbers keep increasing. Elderly, kids, teens and almost anyone can get this virus. To find more information such as symptoms and specific places to get the vaccine go to the website health.pa.gov. This is an official Pennsylvania website that allows people to look into information regarding COVID-19 and other health issues or illnesses. 

“We are continuing to find ways to get the vaccines out faster,” governor Tom Wolf said. The vaccine is being sent out in phases. 

Phase 1 will go out to long-term care facility residents, direct support professionals, emergency medical professionals and many more professions. Phase 2 will be given to people ages 75 and older and people who are receiving home and community services, such as first responders, grocery workers, teachers, officers and the elderly. Phase 3 is for people ages 16 to 75 and essential workers such as food workers, public safety, transportation, etc. Lastly, Phase 4 is for the people who are able to take the vaccine without having a reaction to it. 

Most pharmacies near you will carry the COVID-19 vaccine, such as Walgreens and CVS. The Federal Pharmacy Partnership Clinic is also open for those who need the vaccine. 

“I plan on getting the vaccine if I can because we are trying to stop a worldwide pandemic and to me it seems like the responsible thing to do,” Freedom graduate Zoey Blanchard said. 

“When I am able to get the vaccine, I will be because even though it is new, I know I will be decently protected,” junior Anastasia Smith said.

“I’d say I would highly consider getting the vaccine. I think the benefits to getting the vaccine outweigh the possible negatives. I would probably talk to my doctor or medical professional though before I make my final decision,” Freedom graduate JoAnn Sharpless said.

Even though unsure, the consideration for the vaccine is something to think about. With the fear of the vaccine being so new, the relief of being protected outweighs the worry for some. 

“Where I work I must get the vaccine in order to keep my job,” junior Timothy Snyder said.

Most jobs require their employees to get the vaccine to make sure their coworkers are safe,as well as the customers. If the employee chooses to not get the vaccine, they can be fired or asked again to get the vaccine. 

“I won’t be getting the vaccine. I do not believe it will work and the side effects of the vaccine are too dangerous,” an anonymous Freedom parent said. 

Most of the side effects of the vaccine are discomfort because of the body building up immunity protection, and possibly a fever. Make sure to always wear masks and consistently wash hands with soap, and consider taking the vaccine when it becomes available to you.