When I’m 70…

Teacher looks into an optimistic future

Ava Colorito, Staff Writer

When someone talks about the future, they are often referring to a near future that references to the next one, five or ten years, but people often don’t think about the distant future. When one has thoughts about the future, it’s often what plans they are going to make next week or something to that extent, but how many people have actually thought so far as to when they are 70 years old?
Our own cat-loving, Spanish-speaking teacher, Ruthanne Gudzan, was asked some questions that made her think into that distant future.

Where do you want to live?
RG: I’d like to be living in Costa Rica, or somewhere that speaks Spanish and doesn’t snow.

What hobbies would you like to take up?
RG: I would definitely do more traveling. I’d probably try to learn some more languages, too. Maybe I’ll volunteer at an animal shelter. I like to read, so I would probably spend a lot of time reading books.

Will you be a cranky or fun as a senior citizen?
RG: I really hope to be fun!

What do you think the generation of that time will be like?
RG: It’s really hard to say. Kids have changed so much from what they were, even when I was one, and it hasn’t been all that long! I just hope they are respectful and kind.

Will you still be speaking Spanish?
RG: I certainly hope so! Speaking and learning foreign languages keeps your brain healthy.

Will you take up any other languages?
RG: I’d love to keep learning languages. I’d like to learn the rest of the romance languages, and there are some others that interest me, too. My grandfather is Slovak, and I’d like to learn the language his mother spoke to him when he was growing up.

Many kids in your classes and the school know about Bunny and your love for cats, will you own any more animals?
RG: I am definitely an animal lover, and I don’t ever think that will change. I will probably always have pets, and most likely they will be cats. I like dogs, but if I’m going to travel, I don’t think it would be fair to them to have an owner who isn’t around to give them the attention they need.

What do you look most forward to in the distant future?
RG: I look forward to having my student loans paid off!

What’s something that you will be glad not to do anymore?
RG: At 70, I will be glad to not have to get up early in the morning. I will also be happy to not have to shovel snow anymore, or drive in it at all.