“Witch” scary movie is the best?

5 films top list of 2021-2022 horror movie offerings

Horror movies, popcorn, fuzzy blankets and the only lighting in one’s room being their Bath & Body Works candles filling the room with a pumpkin scent, is the true meaning of fall. Many love the thrill of horror movies, however, horror movies are typically hit or miss, either horrifying or horrible. 

Recently, Variety.com, came out with their top twelve horror movies of 2022 and 2021. Movies ranging from werewolves all the way to serial killers, the list covers it all. Starting from Variety.com’s picks from worst to best, it starts off with “Fresh,” “The Cursed,” “Men,” “Scream,” “Speak no Evil,” “X,” “Watcher,” “The Black Phone,” “Resurrection,” “Nope,” “Barbarian” and “Crimes of the Future.” Making a summary for each movie would truly drag on for far too long, so the Variety article will be touching on the top 5 of a personal list. 

Coming in at number one, “Men,” is a painfully obvious choice. An A24 film written and directed by Alex Garland, is about a woman who travels off to a small cottage after the suicide of her ex husband. She soon finds out that all the men in the town are not only vile, they are also after her. This movie has viewers truly horrified, as well as amazed. The suspense of the music and movie leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. Along with beautiful cinematography, “Men” is definitely a recommended movie, a ten out of ten in many viewers’ eyes. 

For second place, “X” is an extremely interesting movie. Also an A24 film, this movie follows a group of people going to Texas to film an adult movie. The main focus is on the couple that they are renting the barn and house from, specifically on the old woman. Her burning jealousy for one of the character’s appeal and lifestyle causes her to go insane, resulting in a mass murder. A24 is known for their beautiful scenes and incredibly crafted horror movies. The movie not only has wit, but it also has romance and the obvious thriller/horror. 

At third place, “Scream” finally comes into play. The original Scream is a classic slasher film, and this movie recapitulates the entire film. The main reasoning for picking this is because of the fact that it is so much like the original, without being redundant. The movie is obviously about the masked killer going out on a bloodthirsty spree, trying to kill as many as possible. The movie brings back the timeless feel of the original Scream. 

Fourth, “Fresh” is definitely there. Following a new blossomed couple, the male lead, played by Sebastian Stan, is not who he says he is. An exciting movie about cannibalism and betrayal, the movie has it all. This film is not only hilarious, it is also heart and gut wrenching. With a side of romance, Fresh has everything a movie needs.

Finally, at spot five, is “Nope.” Written and directed by Jordan Peele, it is a sci-fi alien horror movie. Although this is not one of Peele’s best depictions of horror, he still capulutes this very cheesy subject into a gorgeous and suspenseful piece. The movie is mainly about two siblings, who are horse wranglers, trying to get evidence of a UFO. This movie is an amazing work of art, as all of Peele’s movies are, and is one hundred percent recommended. 

Although the list is extensive, watching all of these movies and having a horror marathon is a must!