Fun fall traditions

Students share what activities they take part in during fall


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Hay rides at pumpkin patches are a common popular fall season activity.

The leaves on the trees are changing colors and pumpkins are ready to be pulled from their vines. Fall is back in season and students are getting ready for this time of year. Corn mazes and pumpkin patches are popping up everywhere, as well as seasonal drinks, like apple cider or pumpkin-spiced lattes. There are also some activities that don’t really involve special drinks or events for fall to be filled with action. Students from the school chimed in to share what they are up to during the fall season. 

A  popular fall activity for many in the area is to go hunting, whereas hunting has arrived for many. It is definitely less recognized than the other activities commonly associated with the fall season, but still a favored fall activity. 

 “I try to get in the woods every chance I get. It is just a great feeling when the leaves are changing colors, and I see a deer, and my heart just starts beating real hard,” senior Joseph Hartle said.

Next, the more well-known side of this season is the holidays it brings. Halloween and Thanksgiving take place during the fall season; this can involve a lot of traveling, whether it is with friends or family.

 “My family and I usually take trips or vacations in the fall. We also always have Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’ house, where we eat lots of food like turkey, mashed potatoes and many other foods,” sophomore Josephine Brenckle said. 

Students travel both in and out of the state to visit family and friends during Thanksgiving. 

All in all, fall is claimed by many to be their favorite season of the year. With the crisp winds and newly colored leaves, it is understandable that one might feel this way. For some students, this type of weather means it is time to wear comfortable long-sleeved clothes, like hoodies and sweatpants. 

“There are lots of things I like to do in the fall. I like to dress up for Halloween, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends on Thanksgiving, and I just generally enjoy getting outside more. Fall is my favorite season, so I like to make the most of it when it is around. I also enjoy the foods that are made during the fall, like pumpkin and cinnamon flavored pastries,” junior Mason Geibel said. 

Fall is full of all sorts of fun activities and traditions people take part in. When people see the colors of the leaves change and feel the weather getting slightly cooler, they see that there are plenty of things to do. The fall season is here, and that means it is time to make the most of it while possible.