Let it rain

Making the most of rainy spring days


Peter Thoeny/ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Staying inside and watching and listening to rain pound against the window is one of many reasons people enjoy rainy days so much.

Picture this: You wake up in the morning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to the sound of rain pounding against your window. Classes or work are virtual, so you have nowhere to go and nothing to do, just an entire day of free time seemingly trapped inside. What can you possibly do to stay occupied?

This is a scenario specific to the springtime this year. When most think of the spring, they either imagine spring cleaning and blooming into a new person like the flowers do or frequent rain-filled days. As more and more places in Pennsylvania lift pandemic limitations this spring, people are becoming increasingly provoked to get outside and enjoy the sun. However, when spring showers come and bring gray gloom with them, some experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and feel depressed solely because of the change in weather. 

However, contrary to popular belief, rainy weather is not always an inconvenience and can be very beneficial to those who take advantage of it. Rather than sitting around waiting for a downpour to end, people can spend that time relaxing by themselves and doing things they enjoy, which can be highly therapeutic. 

“What I do to make the most of rainy days is relax and watch one of my favorite shows. I tend to find that snuggling up and enjoying your own time is the best thing to do when you can’t do much outside,” junior Anastasia Smith said. 

Aside from simple relaxation, other appreciable activities for making the most of rainy spring days include reading a book, spending time with pets, indoor cleaning, baking, knitting, listening to music, exercising, playing board games and watching movies, among other things. 

“On rainy days I enjoy reading a good book. I spend a lot of time with my dogs and talking to friends as well,” junior Joshalyn Schneider said. 

Each of these activities is an enjoyable, productive way for people to block out boredom and have a nice time throughout any rainy day. 

Additionally, attitude towards the weather plays a large role in making the most of rainy days. When people learn to appreciate the cozy atmosphere that rain creates, they are often able to make better use of the homey mood and honestly enjoy rainy day doldrums. 

“I enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen rain. It’s kind of like snow, but with a warm atmosphere instead. Plus the smell of spring is the best part of a May shower,” Smith said. 

Some find comfort in the night listening to recorded noises of rainfall or thunderstorms to help lull them to sleep. Others even delight in the actual sound of rain and love that showers lead to the sunny, lush side of spring. 

“The best part about rainy days is the sound of the rain on a windowsill and how it makes the spring flowers bloom and the grass grow lushly,” Schneider said. 

No matter how one plans to spend their rainy days this spring, it is important that they remember the many activities they can do to fill the time because these pastimes can make them want to let it rain and learn to smile when the weather is dull.