Prom singles allowed to mingle

Lara Pavlick, Staff Writer

Although social standards sometimes dictate that students go only as couples to prom, the option of going single should be considered as well.

About two months ago, Bountiful High School in Utah hosted their annual high school Sweethearts Dance. Everyone went as couples, except for one girl who decided to attend the dance in a group, accompanied by her two female friends. When she reached the door to enter, she was turned away by school administrators because she was alone, and not accompanied by another person. In turn, she missed out on a great night of fun simply because she wanted to go without a date.

Is this the way we should treat students in a progressive society? Should we shame students for non-conformity and make them believe that they should only feel validated through having a significant other for prom?

Proms, short for promenade, are believed to have been around since the late 1800’s. They were typically held at colleges before high schools took part in them. It usually signifies the last year of high school, but some school districts allow juniors to attend, as well as any freshman or sophomore who come accompanied by a senior or junior student.

Currently, it should be a time where every student should have fun and enjoy the time they have left in high school. Due to the current trends in society, there aren’t many events that require you to dress up like prom. Girls get their hair and nails done, boys rent tuxes and suits and groups of friends arrive in limos.

“It’s a rite of passage for juniors and seniors all across the United States. Unfortunately, each year many girls find themselves dateless and feel that they shouldn’t go at all rather than go alone,” Senior Raylen Welling said.

Ask any adult and they will probably tell you the same thing: “You don’t need to date in high school.”

By that logic, why should you need a date to a dance? Isn’t it the same thing? Going single to prom is highly underrated, especially when prom could potentially end in disaster before, during and after for those who depend upon their boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy their night. It’s a good idea to refrain from relying on another person to have a good time at your school dance. All you need is great friends. That’s who you will want to hang out with no matter what your relationship status happens to be, not the date you took just to save face. Because of this, Welling has decided to get a group together in order to combat against societal standards.

“I don’t want anyone to miss out on their prom because they don’t have a date. Having all of the girls go together in a group shows them that they are not alone. They don’t have to worry about having ‘a date,’ but instead focus on the group of friends surrounding them,” Welling said.

Many girls will choose to go with dates because going alone can feel embarrassing when the majority of attendees are in couples, but that doesn’t mean you need to be announced solo during the grand march. A nice alternative is to have the announcer read off a group of names instead of individuals. This will take off pressure, and result in a grand entrance for you and your friends. While at the prom, it may feel awkward to have to sit down during every slow song, but spend that time chatting up people next to you, or enjoying a snack.  Sometimes a sugary cupcake can be much more satisfying than swaying on the dance floor with a date that is probably closer to a stranger.

There are also lots of fun activities to partake in, such as the photo booth, caricature artists, airbrush artists, balloon artists and a remote control race track. Additionally, use the time to mingle with others who are not slow dancing. You may just make a connection without even trying.

Looking back at your high school years, it’s  better to have little regrets than to wish for the glory days again. This includes school dances, especially in the year 2015. Girls and boys shouldn’t feel the pressure of finding someone suitable to take to a prom or in their life at this time. We have our entire lives to be with a significant other, and high school should only be fond memories for all.

Considering all that if you are not well acquainted with your date, maybe you would probably prefer to spend the night with your best friends anyway. Whether you go as a couple or single, all will be sure to have a great time and arrive looking their best on prom night, but it’s up to each one of us to decide whether or not that happens. The first step is easy; making the choice to attend. So to all the prom “single pringles” at Freedom: you are also free to mingle.