Russo-Ukrainian tensions rising, war is possibility


World Economic Forum/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has made recent threats to invade and attack Ukraine.

A classic case of ambiguity and anxieties around the unknown, Russia and Ukraine have been butting heads dating all the way back to February of 2014. Shortly after, during March of 2014, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. 

The tension is rising to different levels of heat today, and there could beonly moments until the pot boils over and Russia is ready to attack at any moment. While Russia has gained military equipment, stating that their main attack will be air strikes, they do not have all the personnel needed for their ground operation. Although this sounds as if Ukraine is in imminent danger, Ukrainian officials state that the latest military intelligence suggests that Russia is not prepared for a full blown attack. 

Russia is not the only one prepping for war, as Ukraine is also preparing troops for these difficult times. As they prepare for war by doing tactical exercises in the abandoned city Pripyat, Ukrainian troops are soon getting ready for these threats from Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. 

Many say that the invasion from Putin is a “possibility,” and Europeans express how Americans are completely blowing the situation out of proportion. They are stating that people in America believe Putin will do a full blown attack, meanwhile people in Eastern Europe believe Putin is bluffing. Europeans believe a full-scale war is unimaginable. Even the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, stated that the attacks are dangerous, but ambiguous. The multiple amounts of people acting as if it is not as serious is slowly reducing the intensity of these threats. 

Some are also asking why Ukraine and everyone else in their vicinity acts as if there are not 130,000 Russian troops at their border? 

The answer is nothing short of paradoxical; they do not see Putin as benign, however they see him as sadistic. The threat of war could possibly tear down Europe even more than an actual war. It is a thoroughly calculated plan to destabilize the West. Many believe that Putin’s involvement in putting troops at the border and multiple threats will fuel his wants and needs for absolute division. 

It may sound insane, however, a war in Ukraine could potentially solve the issues in Europe. Although this is completely and utterly unreasonable to many, it may be true. A war between Russia and Ukraine would, in turn, cause the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to respond assertively and quickly. This would then cause stiff sanctions and make Europe a defensive unit, rather than broken up. 

Putin not acting on this war may result in the opposite effect, the constant wondering of a possible attack may break down NATO. 

Many are right to believe that Russia can attack, but it may be the least likely option. However, being cautious is definitely the smartest move a country could make during potential wartime. A typical Russian saying truly sums up this conflict, “If you invite a bear to dance, it’s not you who decides when the dance is over. It’s the bear.”